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Sense of Touch

Sense of Touch

In a speculative future, if we forget the touch and the emotions linked to them,

how will those gestures look or make us feel?

Sense of touch is essential and fundamental for human beings. Touch Communicates Distinct Emotions research proves to convey emotions by touch.


Day by day, digitalization gets deeper in our lives and more able to interrupt the physical connection and communication. With the COVID-19 pandemic, because of the social distancing and other precautions, we are more able to forget or even lose the touch. 

This project explores and offers a different point of view about the gestures that are diminished or lost their meaning because of digitalization or the gestures we are not using nowadays because of pandemics.

Two specific gestures linked with my personal emotions.


The way my mom loves me 


The way I love my younger siblings

ma - poker face.png

Actual face impressions with linked emotions

Group 2.png
ma-so happy.png
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