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Impacts of Touch

Impacts of touch is a participatory performance and a supporting website to create social awareness about unpleasant touch.

Sense of touch is essential and fundamental for human beings on many different emotional, physical, and mental levels.

The touches a person receives in their whole life, shape their emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

A touch is an instant act that ends when the physical interaction stops or so it should. However, sometimes it can generate unpredictable impacts lasting longer and more destructive than the act itself on touched-ones.

The aim of this project is, to show touchers what harsh impacts can their instant, volatile touch creates. During these performances which is also a social experiment, the participants encourage to start rethinking their touch and be more careful about their actions. This will hopefully help to protect "potential-touched" from receiving an unpleasant touch. 



Performances take place in public, outdoor spaces to take the attention at first without giving information to the audience because audiences' real behavior is important for this project. After participation, instructions lead the audience to the website which has a striking opening question and following by unpleasant touch stories. 

Each performance's outcome is different and part of the research process. It aims to observe and explore participants' behavior. 


Performances' Outcomes

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